Inline Perc

Unleash the smoothness and intensity of every toke with our Inline Perc bongs collection. Elevate your smoking journey with precision and style. Explore now for a captivating cannabis experience!

These bongs and dab rigs feature cutting-edge inline percolators, strategically placed in a horizontal tube to ensure maximum diffusion without sacrificing airflow. The result? Bigger and better hits with every sesh!

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Showing all 21 results

FAQs: Inline Perc Bong & Water Pipes

What’s the difference between a perc bong and a regular bong?

The main difference between a perc bong and a regular bong is the presence of a percolator, or perc. A perc bong contains one or more chambers that contain water, with one or more filters separating each chamber.

As smoke passes through the perc, it is diffused and filtered more than once, resulting in a smoother and less harsh hit that is easier on the lungs and throat. In contrast, a regular bong typically only contains one chamber with water, and the smoke is filtered only once before being inhaled.

While both perc bongs and regular bongs can provide an enjoyable smoking experience, perc bongs are generally preferred by those who value smoother hits and enhanced filtration.

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