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aLeaf Spinner Kit X Widebase


Features & specs. 

  • Spinner Kit "X"
  • Includes two mini pearls & terp slurper
  • High-quality glass design

aLeaf Spinner Kit Z Round Bottom


Features & specs. 

  • Spinner Kit "Z"
  • Custom ball-carb cap
  • High-quality glass design

Bulldozer Quartz Banger

The design of this quartz banger replicates the scoop of a bulldozer, with a larger dish than your standard quartz banger

GRAV Male Domeless Quartz Nail

  • Joint : 14mm Male
  • Use  With : Concentrate
  • Designed  By : Dave Daily

Hemper Cyber Punk Box

November Cyber Punk Box Assorted Hemper Cyberbong⁠ Hemper Assorted 510 Thread Battery⁠ Hemper Assorted A-Dab-Ter⁠ Assorted OCB Cones Assorted Clipper Lighter Hemper

Piranha Quartz Banger Nail – Flat Top Opaque Bottom

Heats Up Faster! The Piranha Quartz Flat Top Opaque Bottom Banger Nail. The opaque floor heats up much faster than

Piranha Quartz Thermochromic Banger Nail

This banger has extra material within the quartz to help withstand heat for a low temp dab. ABOUT PIRANHA Piranha