17 to 18 Inch Bongs

Seize the power of your cannabis sessions with our exclusive 17 and 18-inch bongs lineup. Raise your toking journey to new heights (literally). Embrace the extraordinary – explore now!

As experts in smoking accessories, we’re thrilled to present the superior craftsmanship and benefits of our 17 inch and 18 inch bongs.

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Showing 1–36 of 37 results

FAQs: 18 Inch Glass Bongs & Water Pipes

What are the benefits of an 18 inch bong?

An 18-inch bong offers several benefits to smokers. First, it provides a larger chamber for smoke to accumulate, resulting in denser hits. Second, the longer tube allows for smoother smoke inhalation, reducing the harshness on the throat and lungs. Finally, the increased height of the bong allows for more intricate designs and percolators, enhancing the filtration and overall smoking experience.

What is the ideal size for a bong?

The ideal size for a bong varies depending on personal preferences and intended use. Some users prefer smaller, more portable bongs for discreet smoking on-the-go, while others enjoy larger, more elaborate bongs for bigger hits and smoother smoking sessions. Ultimately, the ideal size for a bong is one that suits the individual’s smoking habits and desired experience.

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