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FAQs: Dab Torches, Butane Torch, Torch Lighter – What are the Best Torch Options?

Does it matter what torch you use for dabs??

Yes, it does matter what torch you use for dabs. Using a torch with an adjustable flame can help you get the right temperature for dabbing concentrates. Additionally, the type of fuel used in the torch can impact the flavor of the dab, as some fuels may leave a residual taste or odor.   It is also important to choose a torch that has a sturdy construction and is easy to use, ensuring a safe and efficient dabbing experience.

What kind of torch do you use for dabs?

When dabbing, it is recommended to use a butane torch. These torches are often small and portable, making them convenient for heating the nail or banger used in the dab rig. They provide a high intensity and precise flame, ensuring that the concentrate is vaporized efficiently.  Popular torch brands for dabbing include Blazer, Vector, and Newport, among others.   It is important to choose a torch that is reliable and easy to operate to enhance your dabbing experience.

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