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Cali Crusher HYDRA 3-In-1 Modular Bubbler

Everything you ever wanted, all in one pipe! The HYDRA by Cali Crusher was carefully engineered to fit the needs

Canada Puffin Arctic Bubbler

“For an experience as cool as the Arctic.” Sturdy and Statuesque. The Arctic Bubbler is the ultimate display piece and

Cheech and Chong Clyde Double Chamber Bubbler

Bonnie and Clyde This water pipe features a double bubbler shape, which filters the smoke through two chambers for cooler

GRAV 3″ Hammer Bubbler Clear

A pack that’s sure to bring in the cash. The GRAV® Hammer Bubbler is 3 inches tall and made on

GRAV 4″ Hammer Bubbler



  • 7" long
  • 32 mm
  • Carb featured on the left
  • Designed by Dave Daily

GRAV 4″ Hammer Bubbler – Clear

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Designed by: Dave Daily and Micah Evans Dimensions: 7.5” long, 4” tall, 38mm can width Use with: Flower

GRAV 4″ Hammer Bubbler V2


GRAV Hammer Bubbler Features:

  • Size: 7"
  • 32mm
  • Carb on the Left
  • Designed by Dave Daily

GRAV 6″ Upright Bubbler Clear

The small GRAV® Upright Bubbler is 6″ tall and made on 32mm tubing. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water