8 -Tree Mini Tube Water Pipe


  • Water Pipe Design: Affordable Glass
  • Water Pipe Design: Scientific or Repeatable
  • Water Pipe Design: Mini Tube
  • Size: Rig 8-10 Inch
  • Joint Type or Size: 14mm Female
  • Joint Type or Size: Fixed Joint
  • Joint Type or Size: 90 Degree
  • Use: Hybrid
  • Type: Foreign Artisan Made

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With 8 trees to get your smoke and vapor diffused, you will feel a nice smooth clean hit.  This really is a great addition with the Silver Surfer or a banger like the Terp Typhoon

  • Fixed 14mm female joint that can accept any attachment with a 14mm male joint
  • Recommended banger angle is 90 degrees
  • Stands about 10 inches tall

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