Empire Glassworks Rocket Ship Water Pipe & Kit



  • 14.5mm Female; Ground Joint
  • 14.5mm Male Bowl Piece
  • Single Hole Diffuser
  • Custom Worked Center Piece
  • UV & Glow-in-the-Dark Accents

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Empire Glassworks Rocketship Water Pipe – Get Ready for Lift Off!

This amazing Rocketship Water Pipe, by Empire Glassworks, features a rocketship worked water pipe, a reinforced stemless arm, and a honeycomb percolator to maximize filtration while diffusing your smoke.  Created & designed in California. Blown with modern scientific lathe work set by Empire Glasswork’s iconic artistic standard to bring you an interstellar glass art of other worldly dimensions.

The reinforced rocketship beside the body of the bong allows for sturdy handling and help with aesthetics as well.  Enjoy this peak into the world of intergalactic space…


  • Height: 8″  Base Diameter: 3.5″  Width: 4″  Weight: 525g

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