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18″ Lightbeam Clear Glass 9mm Straight Tube Bong


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Experience smooth and reliable hits with the 18″ Lightbeam Clear Glass 9mm Straight Tube Bong. Crafted with high-quality materials and designed for optimal performance, this bong offers an exceptional smoking experience. Here are the key features of this bong:

9mm Thick Glass: The bong is constructed with durable 9mm thick glass, ensuring strength and longevity. This sturdy glass provides added durability, making the bong resistant to accidental bumps or drops.

Downstem and Bowl Included: The bundle includes a downstem and bowl, allowing you to start using the bong right away. The downstem facilitates smoke filtration and diffusion, while the bowl holds your preferred smoking material securely.

Slide Joint: 14mm Female: Equipped with a 14mm female slide joint, the bong offers compatibility with a wide range of accessories such as bowls or ash-catchers. This provides flexibility and allows you to customize your smoking experience.

Downstem Size: 5″: The included downstem has a size of 5 inches, contributing to effective smoke filtration and diffusion. The downstem helps break down the smoke into finer bubbles, resulting in smoother and cooler hits.

3 Ice Pinches: Strategically placed along the tube, this bong features three ice pinches. These pinches allow you to add ice cubes, providing a cooling effect on the smoke. Enjoy refreshing and smoother hits with reduced harshness.

Height from Base to Mouthpiece: 18″: With a height of 18 inches, this bong offers an extended smoke path. This results in enhanced cooling and filtration of the smoke, delivering smooth and satisfying hits.

Beaker Base Diameter: 6″: The beaker base design provides stability and balance to the bong. With a diameter of 6 inches, the base ensures a secure placement on any flat surface, reducing the risk of accidental tipping.

Actual Measurements May Vary: Please note that the actual measurements of the bong may slightly vary due to manufacturing and craftsmanship variations. However, these slight differences do not affect the overall performance and functionality of the bong.

Elevate your smoking sessions with the 18″ Lightbeam Clear Glass 9mm Straight Tube Bong. The thick glass construction ensures durability, while the included downstem and bowl provide convenience. The 14mm female slide joint allows for customization, and the 5-inch downstem promotes effective smoke filtration. Enjoy cooler hits with the three ice pinches, and benefit from the extended smoke path in the 18-inch height. The wide beaker base adds stability, and the actual measurements may slightly vary. Experience smooth and enjoyable smoking sessions with this high-quality bong.

18″ Lightbeam Clear Glass 9mm Straight Tube Bong Features:

  • 9mm Thick glass
  • Downstem and Bowl included
  • Slide joint: 14mm Female
  • Downstem size: 5″
  • 3 ice pinches
  • Height from base to mouthpiece: 18″ 
  • Beaker base diameter: 6″
  • Actual Measurements May Vary

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