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What is a Dab Pen and Which Dab Pen Do I Want?

which dab pen do I want

If you are trying to figure out what is a dab pen and which are the best dab pens, let’s break it down! Whether you are new to using wax pens or have been using vape pens for years, this article will help guide you to the best dab pen for you, and how to use it. While there are many different types of wax pens out there, they all serve the same function: getting you high as a kite without having to smell like all the lost hopes and dreams of a 70’s concert. As an added bonus, you need your pen and wax, no need for a nail, pipe, or torch. Just a charged pen.

What is a dab pen?

A dab pen is an electronic vaporizer, or vape pen, that allows you to make your dabs portable. While they come in many different forms, the most common ones and ones we will mention in this article are listed below:

Refillable Cartridge

Refillable or disposable oil cartridges, known as “carts” which is how we will refer to them several times, are one of the most popular options for wax vapes. The main reason is that the dab cartridge itself is not built into wax vape pens, so when you’re done just disconnect it from the pen body and either refill it or toss it. Other options on this list will have some cleaning required unlike these. Carts use coils located inside the removable dab cartridges as the heating chamber. They provide significantly better taste than other options, however deliver slightly less of a punch. These pens usually come with a temperature control slider or several present temperatures.

cartridge vaporizer
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Coil Dab Pens

The coil dab pen holds a special place in the hearts of many stoners, they have become instant classics in the wax dab culture as the only two things you need to make them work are a dab tool and charger. These dab pens have a detachable mouthpiece held on either by a screw or magnets. Inside of the pen itself is where the actual heating chamber and coils are, and where you deposit your wax using a dab tool. The types of coils used vary, however, the most common types of coils are ceramic and quartz. These wax pens require a decent amount of cleaning, however, they heat your concentrate perfectly and hit like a normal wax dab.

Portable Dab Rigs

These are the big boys on the list. Portable dab rigs like the Dr. Dabber, Evolve Plus, and Puffco Peak are easy to use, have longer battery life, have the best and cleanest hits, and are overall the best option on this list for quality of dab. What makes these things so crazy? Well, the dab rig requires you to insert some wax or concentrate with a dab tool, and then press the button twice. Literally. That’s it. Well, what’s the difference between the dab rig and the wax pens? The dab rig is slightly larger, however, once you have inserted your concentrate the rig will heat it to the perfect temperature and then buzz in your hand when it is ready for use. These dab rigs I would argue hit harder than any wax pen by far, and possibly harder than some actually dab rigs with a torch. They’re absolutely magnificent and we highly recommend picking one up if you have the spare coin.

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Nectar Collectors or Wax Straws

If you’ve used a nectar collector wax vape then you’ll know these are the most hands-on of the wax vapes listed here. Unlike all our other wax vapes, nectar collector dab pens allow you to apply the heated tip directly to your wax or concentrate and vaporize it. While this does not provide the same level of dab as say a glass globe-type nectar collector, it is a very easy way to get a little wax down the hatch if you’re in a hurry and have your stuff out.

So Which Wax Pen Should I Buy?


Which Wax Pen Should I Buy?

Let’s Start with What to Look for in a Dab Pen: 

What is a Dab Pen and Which Dab Pen Do I Want?

  • Easy-to-Use Wax Vape Pens

What is the point in buying a new wax pen, dab pen, or cart without getting something that will make getting your concentrates down the hatch as easy as possible? I can’t think of one. The idea of dab pens is to vaporize your concentrates using electronic coils and batteries without the necessity for the torch, banger, and pipe. Additionally, you want one that is long-lasting and constructed well. We will talk about all of these qualities and which dab pens provide the best mix of all of these.

  • Battery Life for Vape Pen

Battery life is something everyone struggles with who has owned a normal vape. Mainly, that once the battery is at about half charge the dab pen will not hit as hard as at full charge, or that the highest temperature settings drain the battery too fast. While these issues are not totally avoidable, all the dab pens mentioned below have both good battery life and maintain consistent taste/power.

  • Dab Pen Temperature Control & Settings

While we can’t give you a perfect answer to this, we can guide you based on what you need to find a long-lasting dab pen. If you are a casual smoker and just want to be using a wax pen intermittently instead of packing a bowl, we would recommend either a refillable cartridge battery or a coil wax pen with a heating chamber. As we said above, “carts” will not be as high quality as the coils simply due to the better temperature control and size of the coil wax pens.

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Which Dab Pen Do I Want? Popular Options to Consider

Question Mark

Evolve Plus XL Duo
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Evolve Plus

The Evolve Plus is arguably the best coil wax vape on the market. Making use of a quartz coil as opposed to the traditional fiber wicks this vape provides both longer use and much cleaner hits. Additionally, as we mentioned above the coil wax vapes do have a cleaning problem; however with the Evolve Plus there is a built-in coil cap that keeps both the wax and heat in the coil and away from the mouthpiece. While the coil looks big enough for dry herb, the heating chamber is only built for wax concentrate. These dab pens come with a dab tool, built-in wax storage, and a charging cable. Overall a fantastic device and one well worth your money at just under $70.

Dr. Dabber has a long line of portable dab rigs that have been providing wax heads with the best dab pens and rigs for years. Their newest product, the Switch, comes to us with an insane amount of features, including 150 hits per charge, 25 different light shows the rig can produce, as well as customizable hold times for your wax concentrates. Not only that, but it is as plug-and-play as it gets. It’s definitely easy to use! Make sure to get a nice glob for yourself from your wax sheet, and drop it into your banger and the Switch does the rest. The Switch will buzz or light up based on the settings to tell you when your dab is at the perfect temperature to hit.

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Puffco Peak PRO
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A personal favorite on the list for a dab pen, the Peak is well known amongst the portable dab rigs with one of the best battery lives and some of the best dab quality you can get. This piece only requires a very small amount of water to use. Once you have it on, you can put as much wax concentrate into the small storage compartment built into the Peak. Tap the button and the Peak buzzes once letting you know the wax is now going through the vaporizer. The Peak will buzz again once it is ready to hit, and after that, it’s party time. Overall, a very simple and high-quality event.

These three definitely make just about anyone’s list of the best dab pens on the market at this time! Any one of them ought to work just fine.

So Which Type of Dab Pen is the One for Me?

So Which Type of Dab Pen is the One for Me?

For a daily stoner, we would recommend the second two options. Now, we have stated that the portable dab rigs are the mac daddy, the king pen (get it?), the king of the hill, the Marty McFly of Hill Valley High if you will. But with all that being said, I personally would recommend the electric nectar collectors. Why would I? Because they are about 1/4 the price of a portable dab rig. Now, if you are a heavy dab user and/or have the money for high-quality dabs and dab rigs, get yourself a Peak or an Evolve Plus and have a great day. But, if you are trying to get some better quality dabs than from carts or coils but not trying to break the banks, these are a perfect middle ground.

A friend of mine recently acquired one of these dab pens, and after working out the kinks I can confidently say that these will get the job done consistently and is just a really fun tool to use. One of my favorite parts about dab pens is the ability to take as much of the dab as you want at a time, and they require the least cleaning as they immediately vaporize the wax and send it down the hatch. Two things I always look for, are ease of use and altitude. Always want to get good altitude.

There are a lot of options when you are looking for the best dab pen. And as we have discussed, there are different types and some slick options at just about any price point that are easy to use. The key is going to be how you’ll use it and what’s your budget looking like this week. If you make sure to cover those points, you ought to end up with the right choice.

Well, that’s gonna wrap it up for us, so as we say have a dope day.