The Super Surfer 2.0 Forced Air Dry Herb Vaping Desktop


  • Use: Concentrates
  • Use: Flower
  • Use: Hybrid
  • Type: Warranty 1-3 Year

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The ultimate consumption Desktop Vaporizer & Diffuser (vape/e-nail/diffuser) for connoisseurs

This Super Surfer desktop vaporizer uses heat to extract the essence from dry herb for the best flavor.

Using a whip or bag, the Super Surfer desktop vaporizer has you covered.

When it is time for concentrates, the Super has you covered with the optional quartz dab dish.

Like the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer, the Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer allows you to diffuse oils making your home smell wonderful all the time.


What’s in the bag when get Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer & Diffuser?


   1 Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer with Spherical Ground Glass Heater Cover

  1. Stainless Steel Pick
  2. Glass Mouthpiece
  3. 3 Feet – Food Gread Vynil Tubing
  4. Spherical Flavor Disc Wand
  5. Vapor Bag Sleeve
  6. Vapor Valve Wand
  7. Valve Assembly (Silicon 1 pcs & 1 Elev8 glass valve inner)
  8. Vapor Bag Mouthpiece
  9. Vapor Bag Bowl
  10. Screens (yellow)
  11. Hands-Free Attachment
  12. Bag Of Extras
    1. Coconut Oil
    2. End Bag Seal
    3. 2 Sick Clips
    4. Extra Silicon Valve Sleeve
    5. Flavor Disc 17mm
  13. Aroma Top (1 boro glass dish & 1 black aluminum attachment) with wax melt sample
  14. 10 Feet Of Vapor Bag
  15. Hempster Carrying Bag

The Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer and diffuser comes with all you need to begin your ultimate experience in vaping the essence from dry herbs.
Use the whip for the ultimate flavor experience in the art of vaping and easily connect to nearly any water pipe Elev8ing your vaporizing experience even more.

Join the evolution of a healthier way to consume your favorite dry herbs.


Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizers work great for glass, and the Super Surfer vaporizer is built by glassblowers for glass!

The Super Surfer Vaporizer has more features than any other desktop on the market and easily pairs with top-of-the-line glass to Elev8 your dry herb vaporizing experience.

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