SLX V2.0 2.0″ 4 Piece Grinder


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These grinders are Version 2.0 (first version) – There is no difference in the actual grinder other than the 2.0 and 2.5 in writing.

About the SLX V2.0 (2 Inches)

Every SLX herb grinder is machined from 7075 aluminum, the alloy of choice for precision applications – from high performance jet aircraft to Space-X rockets. With exceptional strength, perfect balance, and unparalleled durability, your SLX grinder will last a lifetime and then some.

Each piece of your SLX non-stick herb grinder is machined to the thousandth of an inch – providing the perfection you deserve and we demand. The result? No more fumbling to connect stages. No imperfections that catch and slow you down. Just smooth threads and easy turning.

With 55 razor-sharp teeth in the standard size, and 27 in the pocket size, even a velociraptor would be hard pressed to keep pace with SLX shredding power. A couple of turns is all it takes – even tough, stemmy herbs don’t stand a chance against the smoothest operator in town.

What’s in the box:

1x  SLX V2.0 2.0″ 4 Piece Grinder (Black, Charcoal Grey, Silver, Champagne Gold, Yellow, Leaf Green or Purple Haze)

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