Royale Mini Dab Rig

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Inspired by one of the most iconic shapes in glass, the Royale Mini Dab Rig is a modified version of the classic “fab-egg”. This Mini Dab Rig has an integrated two-chamber system, providing both primary and secondary filtration. Hot vapor and cool water are harmoniously combined within these chambers, delivering a smooth and clean pull with each use.

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, the Royale Mini Dab Rig boasts durability and longevity. Its broad 2.4-inch base ensures stability, perfect for precise, controlled dabbing.

Beyond its primary filtration, the Royale excels with its secondary filtration. It houses a base-connected percolator and a fab egg-style percolator, both working together to create a bubbly action for extra cooling and smoke dispersion. This superior two-step filtration results in smoother, cooler, and more enjoyable hits.

A built-in splash guard ensures your sessions remain clean and grime-free, while the integrated oil catcher simplifies clean-up and prevents sticky residue buildup. These thoughtful additions highlight our commitment to an elevated, hassle-free vaping experience.

Compact yet power-packed, the Royale Mini Dab Rig perfectly blends style and functionality. Its discreet yet captivating design makes it an ideal companion for on-the-go sessions, while its reliable performance and easy maintenance have won the hearts of many users.

The Royale Mini Dab Rig offers a transformative dabbing experience, balancing visual appeal with superior performance, and primary filtration with efficient secondary filtration. Welcome smoother hits, less coughing, and more enjoyable sessions.

Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass
Joint: 10mm
Dimensions: 5in x 3in x 2.25in

What’s in the box:
Royale Mini Dab Rig
Mini Rig Standard Quart Bucket
Flat Carb Cap

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What Is the Royale Mini Dab Rig?

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of glass, look no further. This elegant mini rig has a fab egg-style filtration system that creates bubbling action and cooling water filtration. It’s made by expert glassmakers using dense, high-grade borosilicate glass.

This rig comes with a 10 mm banger, but it’s also compatible with nails and e-nails for various dabbing options. Check out what makes the Royale one of our best sellers.

Elevate the Ordinary with the Royale Mini Rig

The Royale Mini Dab Rig is a 5-inch high banger hanger dab rig with a built-in splash guard. It’s made from thick, high-quality borosilicate glass that is slowly cooled over a long period to ensure the glass is durable and impact-resistant.

It has a built-in oil catcher, a base-connected percolator, and a filtration disc-style perc that breaks up smoke with bubbling action and even more cooling.

The 2.4-inch glass base is wider than your standard rig because we wanted to ensure this piece had a stable foundation. The extra space also comes in handy for control and precision when you’re dabbing. This rig comes with a 10 mm female receiver that’s perfect for your favorite banger or nail.

The Royale Mini is perfect for a long session, as it comes equipped with a splash guard to keep your banger grime-free. Plus, it offers superior cooling thanks to its egg-style percolator and smooth bubbling action.

This little rig is very discreet, but it’s still visually appealing and definitely made for strong dabbing. It’s easy to clean, nice to look at, and simple to use—the perfect addition to any glass collection.

Here’s what our fans have to say about the Royale mini dab rig:

“I bought this little dab rig to use with a nail. It’s perfect for my needs! The quality feels great and I really love the design, too.”

“This is like a mini version of one of those super expensive rigs you see on Instagram. It’s about half the size, which makes it super easy to take with me anywhere I’m going or hide out of the way. It’s perfect!”

“I bought this rig right when it first came out and I’m so glad I did. It’s my favorite piece of glass to use to dab off an e-nail. The glass is so thick, the design is awesome, it’s easy to clean—I love everything about my Royale mini rig.”

Royale Mini Dab Rig Features

The Royale is so much more than a gorgeous piece. It’s also a functional dabbing powerhouse. It has an oil catcher on the side that catches any residue, along with a filtration system made out of the egg-shaped percolator. This helps cool down your hit, resulting in more control and less coughing.

Splash Guard

No more worries about oil splashing or getting your face wet: the Royale Mini dab rig comes with a splash guard, which is basically a mini wall that keeps excess resin, residue, and water from splashing up into the mouthpiece. This feature also helps keep the rig fresh between uses.

Built-In Oil Catch

Royale Mini Dab Rig

The Royale Mini dab rig also has a built-in oil catcher that collects excess oil drips from the nail or banger and prevents them from reaching the lower chamber. This makes cleaning up a lot easier and helps prevent any sticky messes that are tough to clean out of your rig.

Base-Connected Perc

The base-connected perc is a patented filtration system that’s built into the bottom of the rig. It helps break up smoke with bubbles and cool water filtration, which results in more control over your dab hits. This also allows you to take bigger rips without coughing as much. The base is 2.4 inches thick, so it gives you extra stability and room for error when moving your rig.

Benefits of a Secondary Filtration Fab Egg Rig

You’re going to be inhaling a lot of vapor, so it’s a good idea to have an extra layer of filtration. Using the base-connected perc helps break up your smoke with tiny bubbles for an overall smoother experience.

Dispersing the vapor particles creates more surface area for the water and air to interact with. Since there’s more surface area, it means the smoke will cool down much faster than if you were only using primary filtration, which cools water simply by creating turbulence inside the chamber.

The secondary filtration in this dab rig results from the fab egg style perc connected to the base.

The durability is excellent compared to tree or helix percs that many dab rigs use. Fabb egg percs also don’t clog up with residue as much as other styles of percolators do.

Best Accessories for Your Royale Mini Rig

The MJ Arsenal Padded Zipper pouch is a must-have for any Royale Mini Rig owner. Using it will protect the finish of your rig and keep it safe from scratches. It also makes carrying your rig around convenient and stress-free.

We offer a variety of dab tools that are perfect for use on our one-of-a-kind rigs and concentrates. Using these tools, you can easily load your rig to enjoy all the benefits of dabs without any of the mess.

Dab Rig Caps are essential when it comes to cleaning and drying out your dab rigs. These caps are made of low-maintenance silicone, which is easy to clean with an all-purpose cleaner. They also will last for years, even with regular use.  

We’re psyched to announce our brand new spinner carb cap, which is perfect for use with your favorite terp pearls (available from MJA in transparent quartz or synthetic ruby).

And to keep the mess at bay, one of our MJA 5 mm dab mats are the perfect accessory for your Royale Mini Rig. It’s designed to sit under your rig and catch all the mess from spills and splashes. You can also set your accessories down on it while you load your rig.

Vape in Style With the Royale Mini Dab Rig

Looking for a new dab rig? The Royale Mini from MJ Arsenal is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a stylish, high-quality piece that performs as great as it looks. This affordable piece offers all the benefits of dabbing with less mess and more flavor.

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