Quartz Bubbler Dab Straw Honeysuckle


  • Use: Concentrates
  • Type: Quartz

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This dab straw or nectar collector takes dabbing to the next level with the water filtration and cooling section built into this dope dab straw for concentrates.  Being made of quartz you do not have to worry about thermal shock breaking your tip.  You do how ever always have to remember that quartz is glass and just as brittle, but it is much more thermal resistant than boro.


  • Entirely made of quartz
  • About 6 inches long
  • Built in bubbler
  • Features Elev8 Frosted Decal
  • Made by our Elev8 foreign team

Clean quartz tip on a full quartz bubbler dab straw or nectar collector

Built in quartz dab straw bubbler

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