Puffco Peak Glass Stand



  • High-Quality Silicone
  • Rugged Exterior
  • Polished Accents
  • Heavy Steel Plate

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The Puffco Peak Glass Stand is an authentic and original product from Puffco. It’s made from a high-quality silicone material that’s designed and engineered to keep your Puffco Peak glass attachments safe and secure. It also features a rugged exterior that allows you to easily hold the glass stand during transport or basically while holding the glass stand with a glass attachment sitting on top of it. It was built this way to allow you to safely carry your glass attachments and avoid any unwanted falls or accidents when you place your standard-issue Puffco Peak glass attachment on top of it protecting the glass attachment and yourself in the event that it falls down while you have it. The Puffco Peal Glass Stand is also made with a heavy base that ensures that the glass attachment does not tip and topple while standing on top of your shelf or your table. It allows you to take care of the things you love and put them on display. If you want to have a sick vape setup, then the Puffco Peak Glass Stand is the perfect addition to your arsenal that will add both aesthetic value and utility to your current assortment of vaporizer collection.

The Puffco Peak Glass Stand is just exactly what you need for safekeeping your glass attachments as well as for keeping them neatly in place. It’s the ideal place to keep your expensive glass attachments instead of just having them lying around inside a box where they can get scratched or dented and worse, they can break. Make sure to get a Puffco Peak Glass Stand especially if you’re using more than one glass attachments for your Puffco Peak.

Why You Need a Peak Glass Stand

There are several reasons why you need a Puffco Peak Glass Stand. One good example is when you’re cleaning your eRig. When letting the glass attachment to dry, you certainly do not want to leave it on the actual base. The remaining liquid can make its way into the internal circuitry and cause long-term irreversible damage. When letting your standard Puffco Peak glass attachment dry after cleaning or maybe you just washed your custom-made glass bubbler, you can place it on top of the Puffco Peak Glass Stand to save the base from any liquid damage.

Another benefit is its durability and longevity. That’s because of the high-quality silicone material the Puffco Peak Glass Stand was made of. Silicone boasts superior quality that makes it a great raw material for use with the Puffco Peak Glass Stand. Silicone has low thermal conductivity, but most importantly offers low chemical reactivity and low toxicity. It does not affect the quality of the glass and does not rub off on the glass attachment. This means that the water and the vapor will not taste of plastic when you use it. It keeps you and your materials safe as well as your sessions pure. Make sure to get the Puffco Peak Glass Stand now!


What’s in the box:

1 x Puffco Peak Glass Stand

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