Portable Torch Vehicle Rig Kit


  • Accessories: Elev8R Vape
  • Joint Type or Size: 14mm Male

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Turn your torch into a tool for vaporization with the all new ELEV8R Torch Vehicle Rig Kit! This vaporizer comes with a patent-pending specially designed quartz heater with a modified conical joint, and this little heater is a vape beast. This kit includes a 14mm ELEV8R Rig Adapter so that you can use the ELEV8R with any of your favorite water pipes, bongs, or rigs!

To use the ELEV8R, simply fill the rig adapter with your favorite herb and/or concentrates and then use the included Sick Clip to secure the ELEV8R Quartz Heater onto the end of the rig adapter. Heat the ELEV8R Quartz Heater with a torch for approximately 45 seconds (heating will vary depending on the strength of your torch) and then draw through the mouthpiece of your rig, water pipe, or bong to pull air through the ELEV8R Quartz Heater; the heater will heat the air before it passes through your herb and/or concentrates, providing a smooth convection vaporization that will evenly vape your product and provide a cool, flavorful hit of pure herbal vapor.

The versatility of the ELEV8R Quartz Heater doesn’t stop there! While this kit is designed to be used with a torch, the ELEV8R can also be used with the specially-designed ELEV8R Enail!

Note: All ELEV8R Quartz Heaters come standard with an accent dot nipple attached on the outside, near the top of the heater.


  • All-in-one design; can be used to vaporize dry herbs as well as concentrates with the included 17mm Flavor Disc.
  • The ELEV8R Rig Adapter comes standard with a 14mm male joint on the bottom; you can purchase an ELEV8R Rig Adapter with a 19mm male joint on the bottom by clicking this link.
  • The ELEV8R Heater is made from quartz glass for extreme durability and temperature resistance.
  • All of the borosilicate glass components are hand crafted at the Elev8 Premier studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This kit includes:

  • ELEV8R Quartz Heater with a 14.8mm screen installed.
    • This is where the magic happens!
  • ELEV8R Rig Adapter
    • Standard includes a 20.88mm steel screen; All-Glass has a built-in glass screen.
  • 19mm Sick Clip for the ELEV8R
    • One arm is bent at an angle to act as a kickstand for the wand or rig adapter.
  • Tongs
    • Use this to remove the ELEV8R Quartz Heater from the wand or rig adapter without burning yourself!
  • Pack of 20.8mm Screens (only included with the Standard kit)
    • Goes into the Standard ELEV8R Wand and the Standard ELEV8R Rig Adapter.
  • Marble Pick
    • The marble color will be chosen at random, you cannot request a specific color.
  • One Free 17mm Ceramic Flavor Disc!
    • Perfect for vaporizing concentrates in your ELEV8R! Just put your concentrates on one side of the disc, stick the disc inside the ELEV8R Rig Adapter with the concentrates sitting on top, and then attach your ELEV8R Quartz Heater and start vaping!

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