Myster HAMR Cold Start Concentrate Rig


Specs & Features.

  • Height: 7in
  • Silicone fitted base
  • Glass bubbler dab rig
  • Extra-deep quartz banger
  • SABR torch lighter
  • Bubble carb cap
  • Stainless steel dab tool

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The HAMR by Myster is a handheld cold start rig for consuming concentrates. This all-in-one setup streamlines a formerly complicated process by centralizing all of the necessary pieces into one unit.

Everything you need is conveniently placed together, allowing you to simply flick on the torch, load your concentrates, and take the perfect dab wherever you are.

How it Works.

Cold start dabs really need to be paid attention to so you hit it at just the right time. This setup makes timing and visuals easy. The shower head filter is just enough to percolate and allows this dab rig a low water line.

  1. To do a cold start dab, add your dab to the bottom corner of the banger before heating.
  2. Drop the bubble cap on the banger and then hit the ignition button on the torch and watch the dabs melt and then start to bubble.
  3. When the dabs start to boil and bubble, that is the perfect time to hit the rig.

What’s in the Box.

  • 1x – Silicone base
  • 1x – Slanted glass pipe
  • 1x – Quartz finger banger
  • 1x – SABR Torch Lighter
  • 1x – Stainless steel dabber
  • 1x – Bubble cap
  • 1x – Convenient zip-up carrying case


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