Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter


Features & Specs.

  • Used with oil concentrates & 510 threaded cartridges
  • 5-10 second optimal heat up time
  • Up to 50 heating cycles on a single charge
  • 1 hour for a full charge
  • Height 5.15″, Diameter 0.55″, Weight 1.15 oz

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The Dr.Dabber Budder Cutter is a heated, multi-use cutting and loading dab tool, designed for any type of concentrate. The heat source is carefully calibrated to avoid overheating while minimizing heating time to ensure a perfect cutting/loading temperature. Featuring interchangeable heating tips, the Budder Cutter™ is an innovative, versatile tool suitable for many different materials and applications–designed for the dab connoisseur.

*This unit is not a vaporizer.
*Depending on the material, multiple heating cycles may be necessary.

What’s in the Box.

  • 1x – Budder Cutter
  • 7x – Interchangeable tips
  • 1x – Universal Battery USB Charger