Brand:AFM Smoke

Cactus Turbo Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls


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The Turbo Cap is a unique and innovative dabbing accessory made from colored glass. It features a cactus-shaped design, adding a fun and creative touch to your dabbing experience. The cap is specifically designed for use with 25mm bucket bangers, providing a perfect fit for many standard dab rigs.

The Turbo Cap is designed with spinner functionality, allowing you to create a vortex-like effect when inhaling. This spinning motion helps to evenly distribute the heat and vaporize your concentrates more efficiently, resulting in a smoother and more flavorful hit.

To enhance the spinning effect, the Turbo Cap comes with two glass pearls. These pearls sit inside the bucket banger and help create turbulence when you inhale, promoting the spinning motion and improving vaporization.

The cap is equipped with six-hole airflow, giving you control over the amount of air entering the banger, which can affect the temperature and the vapor production. This adjustable airflow allows you to customize your dabbing experience to suit your preferences.

As with many glass products, the Turbo Cap comes in various colors and patterns due to the glassblowing process. This means that each Turbo Cap is unique and may have different colors and designs, making it a one-of-a-kind accessory.

Overall, the Turbo Cap is a functional and visually appealing accessory that enhances your dabbing sessions. Its cactus-shaped design, spinner functionality, and adjustable airflow make it a versatile tool for enjoying concentrates with optimal flavor and efficiency.

Turbo Cap Features:

  • Colored Glass 
  • Cactus shaped 
  • Comes with 2 glass pearls
  • Fits 25mm bucket bangers
  • Spinner Functionality
  • 6 hole airflow
  • Air Flow Cap
  • Actual Colors May Vary


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