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3″ Double Color Dry Glass Ash-Catcher


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The 3″ Double Color Dry Glass Ash-Catcher offers the following features:

  • Height: It stands at a compact 3 inches tall, making it suitable for use with various water pipes or dab rigs.
  • Double Colored Glass: The ash-catcher features a double color design, adding visual appeal to your smoking setup. The specific color combinations may vary, providing a unique look to each piece.
  • Joint Sizes: It is available in 14mm and 18mm options, allowing you to choose the size that fits your water pipe or dab rig.
  • Joint Angles: The ash-catcher is available in both 45-degree and 90-degree options, giving you flexibility to match the angle of your water pipe or dab rig.
  • AFM Colored Logo: The ash-catcher proudly displays the AFM colored logo, adding a touch of branding to the piece.
  • Can be Used with or without Water: This ash-catcher is versatile and can be used with or without water, depending on your preference and smoking style.
  • Actual Colors May Vary: Due to the nature of the glassblowing process, the actual colors of the ash-catcher may vary. This adds uniqueness and individuality to each piece.

The 3″ Double Color Dry Glass Ash-Catcher is a functional accessory that helps to keep your water pipe or dab rig cleaner by trapping ash and providing additional filtration. Its double color design and AFM logo make it a stylish addition to your smoking collection.

3″ Double Color Dry Glass Ash-Catcher Features:

  • 3″ tall
  • Double Colored colored glass
  • 14mm / 18mm option
  • 45 degree / 90 degree option
  • AFM colored logo
  • Can be used with or without water!!
  • Actual Colors May Vary

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