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Evolution Diamond Dust 8″ Dab Rig

Diamond Dust Get the most out of your concentrates and your herbs with the Diamond Dust hybrid dab rig by

Evolution Discovery 9″ Dab Rig

Discovery The Discovery by Evolution is a Sidecar Dab Rig that features a 4-way showerhead percolator for ultimate filtration. The

Evolution Dust Devil 7″ Dab Rig

Dust Devil If you like to switch between concentrates and herbs every now and then, then the Evolution Dust Devil

Evolution Eclipse 6.25″ Dab Rig

Dark Side of the Moon Get the most out of your concentrates with the Eclipse dab rig by Evolution. It

Evolution Halo 6.75″ Rig

Angelic The compact Halo rig by Evolution may be only 6.75-inches tall, but it delivers big flavorful hits that are smooth

Evolution Heat Wave 12.5″ Dab Rig

The Heat Wave is a large can-shaped rig featuring a sidecar-style neck and a flared mouthpiece. The hybrid rig comes

Evolution Hurricane 8″ Dab Rig

Category Five The Hurricane by Evolution is a dab rig that will leave you in a spin! The solid rig

Evolution Indian Summer 12″ Rig

Indian Summer Make summer last forever with this beautiful rig by Evolution. This rig has a male joint and comes

Evolution Mist 9″ Dab Rig

The Mist The Mist by Evolution is a Straight Sidecar Dab Rig that features a matrix percolator for incredible filtration.

Evolution Morning Glory 6″ Rig

What’s The Story? You’ll look at the photos and ask yourself – what in the seven hells is this? Our